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My motivation is to create spaces in which people are able to experience the full scope of motoring passion. Drivers & Business Club Munich is a space specifically dedicated to the requirements of passionate drivers, collectors and business leaders.

Andreas Dünkel
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Our venue is located in northern Munich and used to serve as an industrial site for railway maintenance from the 1920s up to 1994. For over 70 years, locomotives, trains and trams from all across Germany and its European neighbors were repaired in these impressive halls. So mobility is in our foundations. Building number 79 housed the plants’ administration, worker lavatories and locker rooms, as well as a classified control room. After extensive restoration and renovation, Building 79 will become the new home of Drivers & Business Club in Munich by 2019.

Building & Location

Our club is located in a 3,900sqm, listed building (industrial Bauhaus architecture from 1925) and embedded in 25,000sqm of green space. A private access road leads to the club’s entrance and members enjoy free parking during the course of their visit. It’s a mere 20 minute drive to Munich Airport and 12 minutes to Munich’s center.


Private member rooms extend over 1,500sqm with a 5m high ceiling on the ground level. Additionally, two interior courtyards and a front-facing colonnade can be used as an outdoor space. The club’s core is comprised of the 250sqm open plan dining, bar and kitchen area; a private cooking event area catering up to 12 people; a library and quiet zone equipped with an open fireplace; a smokers’ lounge featuring a walk-in humidor; a wine cellar with an adjacent dining area for small functions; and two private dining rooms hosting up to ten people.

Event & Conference Space

The building’s event and conference spaces have their own individual entrances. A total of 1,000sqm can be partitioned into eight individual spaces hosting 12 to 500 people. Our event and conference spaces are fully equipped with state of the art technology to cater for events of any size, from a focused meeting to a full-day conference, a private view to an individually catered upscale event. The puristic interior design leaves room for all kinds of ideas to flourish.

Business Level

Our business level is located on the building’s top floor and offers 350sqm of office and meeting space available for daily use as well as long-term rent. As a unique highlight, the daily use conference and office spaces have been created in partnership with notable automobile designers. Additionally, the top floor offers a VIP boardroom with a balcony aligned to the club’s entrance, and two day rooms to rest and recuperate.